NAME  \  Edison, Bell, Tesla, Gutenberg, inventors and their names have made a mark on history in big ways. It transcends fads and fashion. In the same spirit of past inventors, we have named the company after it’s inventor, GUO. This mark is meant to stand on it’s own and work hand in hand with the products that live under it.
TAG LINE  \  “Cloud chasing” is a common term in vape industry. The tagline is a nod to the idea of chasing the next big thing. It also has a broader meaning, to follow a great goal - which is something everyone can relate to.
NAME  \  The Altus™ is the flagship product of the Guo™ line.
The mark is inspired by the Apex of a mountain that peaks above the clouds.
The word is taken from the prefix ALTO - which means cloud, high, or alternate
to the norm. The type is designed to be clean, elegant, and edgy.
TAG LINE  \  Altus is the first coiless atomizer on the market, an important distinction and its biggest selling point.
SMALL USE LOGO DESIGN  \  A small use logo designed specifically for engraving on the atomizer tank.
BRIGHT & LIGHT \  The vape industry is dominated by dark heavy design style, Altus departs from this look feeling light and airy like the clouds.
WEB & MOBILE RESPONSIVE E-COMMERCE \  We built a robust e-commerce site to inform the consumer about the new technology and head up online sales of the product. Custom design includes a moving smoke background effect and an interactive atomizer. 
Social media banners launched simultaneously to promote the new technology.
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